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The brands of the best products and suppliers


Below we present a list of the companies we represent and the type of supply:


valli&valli maniglie per porte e finestre



Italian manufacturer of handles among the most popular in the world, manufactures brass and zamak. It employs some of the top designers in the world for the stylistic development of its handles. The assortment of handles for doors and windows Valli & Valli is among the most complete in the panorama of producers and handles and coordinates. The top models are:

Tieste, Giasone, Divara, Nais, Bess, Oberon, Alcina, Walkiria, Siberia, Fedra, Armida, Teseo, Luigi XVI, Luigi XV, Polis, Dafne, Dido, Lolita, Ernani, Otello, Camelia, Nabucco, West, Mosè, Poliuto, Antares, Croco, Medicea, Mizar, Orchidea, Prunus, Aida, Spiga, Altair, Germana, Sarissa, Artica, Didone, Bordeaus, Indigo, Gernet, Scarlet, Amber, Lilla, Pink.


fusital maniglie per porte e finestre



Italian manufacturer of handles for doors and windows, the company is an integral part of the brand "Valli & Valli", and is on the market since 1976. All products by Fusital are characterized by an innovative design and a close collaboration with the most important Italian and foreign designers and architects. The brand Fusital is the first in Italy to have brought to the market, handles for doors and windows copyright, design classic, modern and contemporary. All models Fusital handles are made of brass and stainless steel.
The designers Fusital:

Antonio Citterio, Carlo Colombo, Cerri & Associati, Cini Boeri, Dante O. Benini, David Chipperfield, Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas, Eri Goshen, Foster and Partners, Frank O. Gehry, Giancarlo Vegni, Hans Kollhoff, Jean Nouvel, John Pawson, Leon Krier, Mario Bellini, Matteo Thun, Odile Decq - Benoit Cornette, Pierluigi Cerri, Renzo Mongiardino, Ricardo Bofill, Richard Meyer, Robert Stern, Skidmore, Owings & Merril, Yoshimi Kono, Zaha Hadid.


olivari maniglie per porte e finestre

Olivari is a leading manufacturer of handles for doors and windows, handles and knobs; since 1911 Olivari produces handles in Italy, in its factories, where it plays the entire production cycle. For years, working with internationally renowned designers to achieve its wide range of handles copyright, technology and super contemporary design with timeless lines.

Olivari designers : 

Franco Albini, Gino Anselmi, Sergio Asti, Shigeru Ban, Claudio Bellini, Fabrizio Bianchetti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Andrea Branzi, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Luca Casini, Joe COlombo, Rodolfo Dordoni, Leonardo Fiori, Ignazio Gardella, Stefano Giovannoni, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Giuliana Gramigna, Franca Helg, Steven Holl, Massimo Iosa Ghini, James Irvine, Toyo Ito, Daniel Libesking, Piero Lissoni, Vuci Magistretti, Augusto Magnaghi, Angelo Mangiarotti, Enrico Marforio, Enzo Mari, Peter Marino, Sergio Mazza, Alessandro Mendini, Davide Mercatali, Gpa Monti, Marcello Nizzoli, Nicola Novelletto, Studio Olivari, Paolo Pedrizzetti, Penta Associati, Doinique Perrault, Marcello Piacentini, Gio Ponti, Ferdinand A. Porsche, Paolo Portoghesi, Ambrogio Rossari, Richard Sapper, Franco Sargiani, Giotto Stoppino, Hiroko Takeda, Mario Terzaghi, Oscar Tusquets, Patricia Urquiola, Andreis Van Onck, Roverto Volonterio



DND maniglie per porte e finestre

DND - Diffusione Nuovo Design

DND is the evolution of research, study and experimentation philosophy are always looking to the future, which is aimed primarily at design, to arrive to the hard synthesis of technology, between cost-effectiveness and responses to a social need, also in the area of the handle. DND (Diffusione New Design) is a trademark of FMN Martinelli Spa.



Omporro ferramenta mobili


The company OMP PORRO offers a large assortment of hardware for furniture, doors, objects and furniture accesories, among the most comprehensive available online, through the use of its two brands Omporro and Enrico Cassina. OMPORRO is the leader in innovation and creation of unique furniture components, the result of a passion for technology, technique, and for the development and implementation of objects of high-quality furniture made ​​in Italy. All Collections OmPorro are dedicated to a specific area, to encourage research and provide an overview.
Available online style items for antique furniture, recessed handles for doors and furniture, furnishing accessories in brass, aluminum and steel, to embellish and dcorare your environment and finally accessories and components for tents and stairs.


enrico cassina maniglie per porte e finestre


It was 1850 when Enrico Cassina, a young Milanese artisan skilled in working with bronze, decided to open his own workshop. Until then handles and brass furnishings were created by hand one by one, by artisans or blacksmiths depending on the customer.
Series Rococo Pop: Louis XV meets Andy Warhol to dinner at Enrico Cassina. The master of style with the contemporary plays exploring the possibilities of color.


mital maniglie per mobili


The company Mital has thirty years of experience in the production of handles, knobs, hangers, brackets and accessories for the furniture. Architects specialized in the furniture industry create unique products from the Italian style and design. The company exports to various countries of Europe, USA, Africa and the Middle East. Its slogan - design, shape and color - it's a winning reality that lasts over time.


bosetti marella maniglie maniglioni



Italian manufacturer of furniture handles and doors of primary importance at the international level, which relies on the inexhaustible creative capacity to propose new trends and aesthetic tastes, offering products which are covered by international patents, which become authentic pieces of Made in Italy. All models of the Bosetti Marella are born from the hand of a interior designer, which develops and designs products to respond to latest trends in the market.

linea calμ maniglie porte e finestre


Italian manufacturer of handles and door sets and windows, Italian quality and excellence, recognized throughout the world. In particular, it is appreciated for the wide range of items with crystal inserts, produced and guaranteed by a leading brand worldwide as the Austrian company Swarovski. The handles of the Line Calì are resistant to wear, impact and time thanks to innovative techniques for securing and protecting as finishing Protection-Zirconium PVD.

Hoppe maniglie per porte e finestre

European manufacturer of handles for doors and windows, the materials used range from brass to nylon and aluminum. Founded in 1952 by Friedrich Hoppe, HOPPE today is an industrial group active worldwide, with headquarters in Switzerland. the HOPPE Group is involved in the development, production and distribution of a nice in detail in the form of locking systems in aluminum, stainless steel, resin and brass for doors and windows.

bal maniglie porte e finestre


Manufacturer of handles and decorative brass since 1882. A brand and a guarantee for over 100 years. BAL collections have furnished, with their unmistakable classic taste, the most prestigious buildings in Italy and now his story has become elegance and quality workmanship and a wide range, which also includes standard lines, all customizable in 22 finishes.



hafele ferramenta mobili


Häfele is an international manufacturer of hardware for furniture and buildings and access control systems . With this supplier we have a partnership . The Hafele catalog includes more than 60,000 products divided by 14 paragraphs : handles for furniture and large wardrobe , lighting with the unique technical catalog LOOX ; TopCo customized products , joints , fittings for honeycomb panels , shelving brackets , hinges and seals for flaps , locking systems , locks, ratchets and safes, kitchen equipment , equipment for living room , bedroom and bathroom; systems of rails, roller slides , ball bearing slides for drawers ; cranksets for sliding doors and shutters ; hardware for furniture office , feet , wheels and substructures for furniture, store fixtures , furniture pharmacies; hardware to be bonded to glass and mounting materials. In our website are some of the products listed above , but we can supply any of the 60,000 articles in the world Häfele.

ALIAS porte blindate vendita online


Founded in 2002 by the experience of its founder, who over the years has innovated and implemented new ideas: thus ALIAS, a reality that makes immediately as one of the most innovative and dynamic industry and became a leader in the manufacture of doors, door flush to the wall and exterior doors, security doors. The company consists of a team of professionals, architects, engineers and designers who every day create and develop products more competitive both in terms of technical performance and aesthetic solutions.

festool elettroutensili


In 1925 the company was founded Festool and today is a market leader, specializing in power tools for the manual work. FESTOOL Manufacturer of electric and pneumatic tools as professional cordless drills, circular saws, jigsaws, sanders, polishers and more. The Festool, however, offers not only tools, but also a number of features that make these tools more efficient.

eclisse controtelai scomparsa


Italian manufacturer in frames for sliding doors. In the set of Eclipse there are many products covered by international patents. In the relevant market, Eclipse is highlighted by a constant search for improvement product and service to its customers.


Hettich accessori casa


Multinational world leader in manufacturing products for the furniture and furnishings, large assortment in the catalog that Tuttoferramenta distributes to its customers. Even Hettich distinguishes from the competitors for a first class service and quality, it is recognized worldwide industry, artisans and the end customers.


salice cerniere per mobili


Salice is a company specialized in the production of automatic hinges invisible to mobile using advanced technology and innovative. Salice is the partner chosen by big industries of furniture.


Blum ferramenta per mobili

Blum is a company specilizzata worldwide in the production of accessories all rooms of the house, for furniture, such as folding doors, hinge systems and extraction systems for furniture, systems for flaps and much more.


Fitart arredamenti commerciali, uffici, negozi


Italian manufacturer of metal accessories for furniture in general, ranging from house to store, to big shopping center. It is recognized for always being able to find the right solutions within it. Technical service and logistics are central to the philosophy Fitart.



Italian manufacturer of seals for doors and windows. In 2011, it started producing and commercializing the first seal for doors, in Europe, with 10 years warranty.



Austrian manufacturer of hardware for doors and windows,  it's a world leader in the field. Together with the Italian branch MAICO, in addition to the undisputed quality, we can now offer a service that did not exist in the field.


soudal nastri e schiume sigillanti



Belgian manufacturer of chemical products for the building industry in general, in the field of hardware it is specialized in products for the installation of windows with certified foams, silicones acetic acid, neutral, MS polymers.



Swiss manufacturer of hinges and mounting systems, it covers many industry sectors in addition to hardware for windows and door,  leading to both the technical quality and for service.

colombo design


The Colombo Design is an Italian manufacturer of handles and accessories for bathroom furniture characterized by high quality and exquisite design. The company's philosophy is to produce design objects for the modern habitat, comprehensible and accessible to the majority of potential users.



The company's goal is to give a chance to those who love design, to be able to express themselves freely. A base strip should not only serve as an element of continuity with the floor, but allow functional choices and to create new standards in the selection of materials. All this is possible thanks to the flush surfaces. The AGS System mainly engaged in production of wire skirting and doors with flush door.




The Ferplac of deals with the production and sale of products of wood and hardware for window manufacturers.
In the hardware department are present, prompt delivery, all items for fabricators manufactured by leading national and European brands, ranging from hinges to locks, from handles to knobs, as well as screws, bolts, etc. 
The wood covers an area of 10,000 square meters (of which 4000 equipped with automated warehouse with stacker cranes), and there are stocked semi-finished products and finished in raw wood (doors, jambs, frames, glazing beads, etc..) Available in multiple types each in over 21 flavors (from the European cherry walnut, from oak to mahogany etc.).


Below we present a list of our direct suppliers and of our decentralized warehouse (respecting the agreed delivery time):




Operates in the locking systems and access control and produces security locks.






KOBLENZ was founded in 1984 with the introduction on the domestic market, the use of aluminum sliding for home. The first 20 years have been a constant growth thanks to the constant improvement and expansion of its product range, as well as to its strong diversification process, not just sliding, but also unique solutions for the doors to swing like the famous adjustable hinge Kubica.



Below we present a list of our suppliers or direct from our warehouse decentralized (within the agreed delivery time):

• Maco - Furniture Fittings

• Agb - Hardware for door and window frames in general

• Geze - Hardware for doors and windows

• Mottura - door locks, armored shutters

• Cisa - Locks

• Koblenz - Sliding Systems

• Reguitti - Handles doors and windows

• Olivari - Handles doors and windows

• The invisible - Doors flush with the wall

• Cieffe - Foot and leg table

• Willow - Hinges and technological solutions for furniture

• Blum - Hinges and technological solutions for furniture

• Ceam - Concealed hinge joints

• TAHUMA - Accessories for furniture moving

• Varec - Magnets Magnets

• Fulterer - Sliding drawer slides

• Bmp - Fittings for furniture doors windows

• Stanley - Hand Tools

• Group Confalonieri - Handles and coordinated furnishings for mobile

• Invernizzi - Handles and coordinated furnishings for mobile

• Con & Con - Home Accessories